Eibach Pro Plus Kit

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Product Details

  • Gain better MPG, advanced cornering and faster stopping action with the Eibach Pro Plus Kit
  • Save close to 10% by purchasing this Eibach kit that includes Anti-Roll Sway Bars with the Pro-Plus springs
  • Tighten your suspension for better symmetry, controlled turns and unparalleled responsiveness
  • Get low to decrease undercarriage drag, acceleration squat and body rolling
  • Customized for your exact make and model with EOM or aftermarket dampers
  • No cutting required for simple bolt-on install
  • Backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty

You determine the speed at which your upgraded vehicle can corner with the Eibach Pro Plus Kit. Drop down your center of gravity to prevent nose dives, acceleration squat and dreaded body rolls. Ride low without the drag for better gas mileage, especially at top speed on the highway.

This aftermarket Eibach Kit comes with state-of-the-art Pro-Plus Springs, as well as a matching set of Anti-Roll Sway Bars. The revolutionary sway bars generate improved control with equilibrium and just the right rigidity. You’ll love faster stopping, tighter cornering and instant response.

This easy install is modification-free. Just bolt on your new components and adjust the alignment. NAPA is proud to offer the Eibach Pro Plus Kit with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.