Factor 55 Tow Straps

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Product Details

  • Secure your cargo for the open road with Factor 55 Tow Straps
  • Stop energy build-up thanks to entire polyester fabrication
  • Robust strength comes from a two-inch-wide, double-ply design
  • Select either Super Duty or Cordura-Sleeved Extreme Duty
  • Take advantage of 30-foot length
  • Manufactured in the U.S. with a 1-Year Warranty

When you need to securely haul cargo, you need Factor 55 Tow Straps that will go the distance. The 30-foot length is ideal for hassle-free towing of vehicles. Constructed from low-stretch polyester, these advanced tow straps are preferred over the more limited, less secure, nylon straps.

Factor 55 Tow Straps are engineered to discharge built-up kinetic energy. This drastically decreases the chance of dangerous recoil in the case of a strap failure. Take advantage of this zero-stretch feature by utilizing your tow strap as a 30-inch winch extension.

Go for the standard Super Duty option, or upgrade to the stronger Extreme Duty application that incorporates a protective Cordura sleeve along the entire strap. NAPA is proud to offer the Factor 55 Tow Straps, manufactured in the U.S. with a 1-Year Warranty.