Factor 55 Ultrahook Winch Hook 00250-01

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  • Part Number: 00250-01
  • UPC: 012748095316
  • Color: Red
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  • Up your winching game with the robust, long-lasting Factor 55 Ultrahook Winch Hook
  • EPDM rubberized shields offer a buffer against metal abrasion on hawse or roller-style fairlead
  • Incorporates titanium double shear pin for optimal strength
  • Take advantage of closed system shackle mount hole
  • Select from several color choices
  • Manufactured in the U.S. with a 1-Year Warranty

Modernize your approach with the state-of-the-art Factor 55 Ultrahook Winch Hook. Ditch your old-school setup, and upgrade to the safest system possible. Take advantage of the integrated closed system shackle mount hole.

This Factor 55 Winch Hook incorporates an impressive safety latch retraction pocket for unobstructed hookup and release at the throat opening. The Ultrahook Winch Hook comes with a secondary safety latch locking mechanism. This added safety feature holds the latch tightly.

NAPA is proud to offer the Factor 55 Ultrahook Winch Hook, manufactured in the U.S. with a 1-Year Warranty.