Flowmaster Force II Exhaust System

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Product Details

  • The Flowmaster Force II Exhaust system delivers the same high-quality action as their American Thunder system, with reduced sound levels
  • Increases acceleration and passing power by as much as 10%
  • Enjoy up to 2 more MPG in fuel economy
  • All models feature mandrel-bent exhaust pipes to ensure an unhindered flow of exhaust
  • Muffler with a chambered design reduces back pressure, resulting in more power
  • Quiet cruising thanks to reduced internal resonance
  • Hardware and simple installation instructions are supplied
  • Stainless steel tips are included in many systems
  • Backed by a 3-Year Warranty

Most people think getting more horses under their hood comes at the cost of the neighbors' peace and quiet. But with the Flowmaster Force II Exhaust System, you can enjoy a big boost in power without a lot of extra noise. Flowmaster's engineers have discovered a way to increase your horsepower and performance without making your vehicle louder.

When compared to the American Thunder system, the Flowmaster Force II Exhaust System boosts power without so much obnoxious cruising noise. Once installed, this exhaust system adds a 5-10% acceleration gain, and up to 2 MPG in fuel economy right out of the gate. The Force II offers the same pedal feel as the American Thunder system, and at lower altitudes,  while the sound is noticeably quieter and more muffled. The Flowmaster muffler, with its chambered design, is responsible for its distinctive sound.

In addition to the necessary hardware, this kit comes with straightforward step-by-step installation instructions that allow you to complete the setup of the majority of systems in under an hour. Your system comes with a 3-Year Warranty from Flowmaster, Inc.