Go Rhino Dominator D1 Running Boards

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Product Details

  • Get reliable grip and debris defense with Go Rhino Dominator D1 Running Boards
  • Stylish finish protects against corrosion
  • Made with premium steel for excellent durability
  • 6-inch-wide surface paralleling your cab
  • Full-length, anti-slip stepping buffer
  • Simple, no-drill installation process
  • Supported by a 5-Year Warranty

If you drive a high-clearance ride like a Jeep, there's a solid chance you should invest in a quality set of running boards. Not only does this handy aftermarket upgrade provide solid footing as you mount your vehicle, but it also limits rocker panel damage from inevitable debris and door scuffs. Plus, it looks pretty sick alongside your sporty, off-road machine.

Made with premium steel, these running boards match your vehicle's level of top-tier construction. Thanks to a 6-inch-wide stepping space that runs alongside your cab, you can easily onboard yourself or passengers with confidence. The surfacing features an anti-slip pattern that holds your boots in place, regardless of the weather. Beyond that, you'll get a serious rocker panel buffer to keep rocks, road grime, and door dings from scratching your the sides of your ride.

To top it off, your boards come finished in an anti-corrosion black powder coat for ultimate style and protection. Enjoy a no-drill installation process and upgrade your ride in mere minutes. NAPA AUTO PARTS is proud to offer Go Rhino Dominator D1 Running Boards with a 5-Year Warranty.