Hawk Black Brake Pads

6077 CMf
  • Our Price: $89.89 - $227.69
  • Shipping: FREE SHIPPING

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Product Details

  • Hit the track knowing you can rely on quick, effective stopping power from Hawk Black Brake Pads
  • Get the performance you need from your compact stock car on a tight budget
  • Designed to go from the asphalt to unpaved surfaces; meets IMCA guidelines
  • Fabrication delivers low to medium torque with temperature regulation
  • Comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty

Getting across the finish line requires more than just speed. You need agility, control and the power to suddenly stop before colliding with an obstacle. For a novice race enthusiast, you also need to stay within the lines of your budget. For all this and more, you need Hawk Black Brake Pads.

Take advantage of the mid-range torque and low-heat fabrication of your replacement brake pads. Hawk Black offers the perfect solution for dragsters that are tested on dirt tracks and blacktops. These aftermarket parts meet International Motor Contest Association (IMCA) parameters.

NAPA is proud to offer Hawk Black Brake Pads with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.