Hawk HP Plus Brake Pads

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Product Details

  • Hawk HP Plus Brake Pads will improve the quality of your braking on race day and offer a safe, comprehensive system for enhancing the performance of your vehicle
  • Straightforward and exact replacement for your particular vehicle’s make and model
  • Ferro-Carbon mixture resists fading and withstands heat and intense friction
  • Engineered to endure racing software such as Solo II and Autocross
  • Conveniently sold in pairs for the front or back of your road racer
  • Protected with a Limited Lifetime Warranty

Every component of your vehicle, inside and out, will be put to the test as you prepare for a tire-squealing day at the motor speedway. It's evident that the purring engines, stiffened suspension and trained transmissions can handle the job, but it's all too common to forget that your stock brakes are probably not up to the task. Bring a stable stopping force to the table with the Hawk HP Plus Brake Pads.

Hawk Brake Pads are perfect for both weekend warriors and professional racers, and they can tackle autocross, Solo II or any other high-intensity competition. A strict Ferro-Carbon formula is used to produce a high friction coefficient. As a result, they have a powerful bite, unmatched heat resistance and a very low rate of wear and tear.

These brake pads are ideal for those who prefer to spend their time on the track rather than in the garage. The brake pads are quickly installed thanks to the straightforward replacement fit. Remember that after installation, bed in your brake pads for maximum performance. NAPA proudly sells the Hawk HP Plus Brake Pads protected with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.