Hawk HP Superduty Brake Pads

3013 CMf
  • Our Price: $97.19 - $187.80
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Product Details

  • Get the responsiveness and reliability you need for heavy-duty trucks used to haul cargo with the Hawk HP Superduty Brake Pads
  • Constructed from a unique ferro-carbon compound that dissipates high-temperature buildup to keep rotors intact and eliminate brake fade
  • Gain up to 40% more stopping force than other aftermarket brake pads
  • Pairs well with heavy-duty rotors with an extremely quiet application
  • Installation takes less than 60 minutes per brake
  • Backed by a Lifetime Warranty

If you drive a hefty vehicle that is built to tow large loads of equipment, supplies and various precious cargo, you know how much effort it takes to stop your rig once it gets going. Hawk HP Superduty Brake Pads are guaranteed to deliver reliability and dependability, not to mention a pleasant ride, across your entire fleet. So treat yourself and your rotors to a better performing experience today.

Take advantage of incredible braking strength and control thanks to the ferro-carbon composite fabrication. This state-of-the-art engineering delivers up to 40% more capability than other ‘high-performance’ brake pads. Not only will your brake system expel heat more efficiently, it will also push away dirt and debris more effectively.

The Hawk Brake Pads are customized for your exact make and model. And this installation is simple and straightforward. NAPA is proud to offer the Hawk HP Superduty Brake Pads with a Lifetime Warranty.