Hawk HPS Performance Street Compound Brake Pads

2959 CMf
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Product Details

  • You can't beat the phenomenal stopping power you feel when you upgrade to the Hawk HPS Performance Street Compound Brake Pads
  • Specialty-engineered ferro-carbon composite material decreases friction and lowers brake fade and rotor warp, providing unmatched stopping power and brake life that is nearly 40% more powerful than the competition.
  • Fits like conventional pads and installs in less than an hour per brake pad
  • Perfect for use with high-performance rotors
  • Is low dust and almost completely noiseless
  • Protected with a Lifetime Warranty against defects

Hawk HPS Performance Street Compound Brake Pads are designed specifically for use on the street and operate at an ultra-high performance. The HPS series was designed by Hawk using their extensive experience in high-end aerospace, military and racing braking technology, which is evident. Hawk Brake Pads outperform the competition in every area, including power, longevity and quality performance.

The unique ferro-carbon compound used in the HPS Pads is the secret to their potent braking power. This unique combination increases stopping power by 20-40% while simultaneously reducing friction. Because of the significantly increased brake fade resistance, handling and safety have vastly improved, and will keep you safe. 

The rotors will experience substantially less warping, and HPS brake pads will last longer than the competition. You'll love how quiet HPS Brakes are. With no modifications or additional headaches, Hawk Brake Pads are engineered specifically for your vehicle, and bolt onto your calipers like OEM or standard replacement pads.

NAPA proudly sells the Hawk HPS Performance Street Compound Brake Pads protected with a Lifetime Warranty against defects.