Hellwig Big Wig Sway Bar

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Product Details

  • The Hellwig Big Wig Sway Bar is purpose-built for large vehicles with a high center of gravity
  • Oversized diameter construction offers added support for powerful operations like towing heavy loads or campers
  • The Hellwig Big Wig Rear Sway Bar fits your rig and boosts stability by 20%
  • Super-rugged design and precision craftsmanship mean dependable performance for years to come
  • Adding a Hellwig Sway Bar is the best way to ensure a complete handling and ride upgrade
  • Provides secure, stress-free driving, especially when hauling heavy toys or trailers
  • Comes with a Lifetime Warranty

Shaky steering is last thing you want when towing a heavy load. Your suspension is put under a lot of stress when you haul campers and large trailers, and that can mean your handling suffers. Your steering gets wobbly and your overall driving experience is unsteady. Sure, installing a sway bar helps, but an everyday sway bar simply isn't powerful enough to get the job done on a vehicle with a high center of gravity - especially when it's time to hook up a trailer and tow. The Hellwig Big-Wig Sway Bar gives you a smoother ride, even when you're hauling oversized trailers and heavy payloads. 

The Hellwig Big Wig Sway Bar was designed and crafted primarily to help trucks with truck bed campers and larger vehicles with high centers of gravity. Thanks to the widened diameter, these bars are engineered to support your driving experience, even with the additional weight of campers and heavy cargo. For optimal longevity, they also come with super-rugged end links, bushings, and hardware. The Big Wig Hellwig Sway Bar has the muscle to enhance your ride and boost your rig's handling even when you're towing.

Gone are the stressful days of nervously towing your camper! You'll enjoy the big-time handling and suspension upgrade of your pickup truck or SUV when you install the Hellwig Big Wig Sway Bar. In fact, compared to your stock suspension, the Big Wig Hellwig Sway Bar is evaluated to offer up to 20% more stability. The Hellwig Big Wig Sway Bar means riding in greater comfort, security, and safety. A Lifetime Warranty is included with your purchase.