Hellwig Pro Series Helper Spring

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Product Details

  • A strong bolt-on helper spring system called the Hellwig Pro Series Helper Spring will increase your payload capacity
  • A special "Silent-Ride" design uses polyurethane blocks to apply tension to the springs for a quiet, comfortable ride
  • Dynamic spring system will increase the resistance rate as the load increases for better stability and control
  • Heavy-duty hardware and installation instructions included
  • U-bolts adapt to varying hauling requirements
  • Heat-treated ASTM 5150 steel alloy structure
  • Install professionally or in an at-home garage
  • Proudly made in the USA
  • Protected with a 1-Million Mile Warranty

For both professionals and do-it-yourselfers, the Hellwig Pro Series is a flexible, powerful assistance spring. It installs with standard hand tools and comes with all the hardware instructions you need to do it yourself or hire an expert.

Once installed, the Pro Series helps your car maintain stability under heavy loads or when towing. Even while transporting the largest loads, the Pro Series will provide significantly superior loading assistance, improved sway control, and smoother handling. The level load-bearing capacity of your vehicle is increased by this upgrade all the way to the manufacturer's Gross Vehicle Weight Rating.

Hellwig's factory in California produces the state-of-the-art Pro Series Helper Spring using heat-treated ASTM 5150 alloy steel. Its progressive rate design helps the Pro Series Spring automatically increase its resistance rate as your load increases. This more dynamically accurate load resistance prevents your vehicle from sagging and dragging when hauling major loads.

You can fine-tune your Pro Series Helper Springs as your towing and hauling needs change. By simply adjusting the provided heavy-duty U-bolts with household tools you can tune your suspension to your specific hauling habits.

The Pro Series Helper Spring "Silent Ride" feature improves your overall driving experience. This feature includes a block made of polyurethane located between the main and helper springs. The block helps to silence the spring, making your ride that much more comfortable.

You should not load your vehicle beyond the manufacturer's GVWR. NAPA proudly sells the USA-made Hellwig Pro Series Helper Spring protected with a 1-Million Mile Warranty.