Hypertech HYPERpac

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Product Details

  • Audit all stages of your vehicle's health for auto shop-level insights with the Hypertech HYPERpac
  • Get a play-by-play of your vehicle's acceleration, RPM, torque, horsepower and more
  • Custom designed for your exact vehicle, with the potential tuning to increase your miles per gallon
  • Investigate vehicle issues, examine check engine light warnings and measure performance
  • Includes full-spectrum measurements on a simple display chart
  • Comes with a 3-inch by 4-inch touchpad
  • Backed by a Lifetime Warranty

Unleash the beast laying dormant in your engine with the Hypertech HYPERpac! This impressive tuner can analyze any engine and pinpoint performance. Level up engine execution and sidestep check engine lights with the correct prognostics. Enjoy being able to measure your engine feedback and torque instantly.

Plug the HYPERpac in and revel in the full-scale report of your vehicle's ins and outs. Prepare for the race track or off-roading adventures by staying in tune with optimal engine conditions. Effortlessly scan across various vehicle-specific tunes, including stock tuning. It’s almost hard to believe that this tuner is legal in all 50 states!

Understand what it means to control your vehicle's performance completely. See five gauges simultaneously, consisting of revolutions per minute readings, the total amount of air entering the engine, overall engine activity, and more. NAPA Auto Parts is proud to sell the Hypertech HYPERpac with a Lifetime Warranty.