Inno Aero Base Roof Rack System

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Product Details

  • Give your rooftop storage a solid base with The Inno Aero Base Roof Rack System
  • Low-slung, streamlined design helps minimize wind noise and maintains fuel efficiency
  • Compatible with almost any cargo equipment: bike racks, surf, ski, and kayak racks, cargo carriers
  • Features the durable EZ-Slide coating and a scratch-resistant finish
  • Long-lasting and simple to operate
  • Tool-free installation is fast and easy
  • High-quality, reliable locks and keys provided
  • A Limited Lifetime Warranty is included

Roof rack systems offer so much more than just a place to secure your belongings. When you add a roof rack to your vehicle, you unlock a whole new world of adventure possibilities. You can combine your roof rack with a bike rack, kayak rack, surf rack, or an enclosed roof storage unit. A lot of these devices have one thing in common: usually, you have to already have a roof rack installed first. But these add-ons are usually only as good as the original roof rack. With the Inno Aero Base Roof Rack System, you can prepare for adventure and get a solid base rack to build your storage system on.

You may think a roof rack will eat up your gas mileage while it ruins your peaceful drive with wind noise. But this roof rack system is lightweight and aerodynamic with a low profile design, so your vehicle maintains a good MPG and your journey is smooth and peaceful. This roof rack is coated using a striking Black anti-scratch layer, followed by a layer of EZ-Slide. This combination creates a resilient, long-lasting system that adjusts and slides with minimal resistance as you arrange your cargo.

The included lock and keys keep your gear safe and secure, even while you're parked. Choose from the flush fit option or extended overhang, either way, installation on your roof is fast and simple and requires no cutting, drilling, or even tools. Get ready to expand your world of adventure with your Inno Aero Base Roof Rack System! A Limited Lifetime Warranty is included.