Inno Gear Carry Roof Top Cargo Box

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Product Details

  • The Inno Gear Carry Roof Top Cargo Box integrates a cargo carrier and rolling baggage into one convenient package
  • Made to install onto a quick base, which may be attached to either existing square or aero cross bars
  • Designed as a space-saving unit that accommodates up to 6 cubic feet of tools or gear
  • Conveniently includes a lock and key system to keep thieves at bay
  • Includes 2 wheels and a handle that can be tucked away
  • Generously protected with a Lifetime Warranty

An exciting new development has been made in the realm of roof-mounted cargo carriers with the introduction of the Inno Gear Carry Roof Top Cargo Box. When you get to your destination, you'll love how this durable and watertight cargo solution weathered the rigors of the road. And, when you're ready to unload, it can change itself into baggage due to a handle that can be tucked away along with 2 roller wheels. You can now transport all of your stuff with you everywhere you go, whether it is across the country, on a swanky glamping trip or even straight into your hotel room.

Every Inno Roof Top Box includes a lock and key for increased convenience and protection. The space-saving design will only take up a little room, yet it has the capacity to hold 6 cubic feet of stuff on the inside. You will need to purchase the quick base in order to attach and detach this box from your current crossbars, but doing so is a simple and fast process.

This item opens on the right side for your protection and can transport objects weighing up to 110 pounds. This cargo box has a stylish Matte Black finish that looks excellent on any car, truck, sedan or SUV. NAPA proudly sells the Inno Gear Carry Roof Top Cargo Box, protected with a generous Lifetime Warranty.

Inno Gear Carry Roof Top Cargo Box Customer Reviews


Overall Rating:

5.0 of 5

Average Install Time:

1 - 2 hours


This is a very well-designed and well-made cargo box system. The quality of the materials and construction are top-notch. The locks, latches and hinges are all very strong and solidly built. This system tackles the challenge of having a cargo box that is easily removed from the car and is wheeled. While it succeeds in this, the system is probably best for cars with a lower roof line, since unless the contents of the box are very light weight, it may be difficult to remove and lower to the ground without another person assisting. The system is also designed for cars with roof rails or cross rails but not for roof racks because the latches when fully opened need to be able to drop a good three inches below the bottom of the cargo box. I knew this when purchasing it and jury-rigged a solution, but it is not ideal. The cargo box lid only opens to about 45 degrees but that's not a deal breaker for me.

Install Time: 1 - 2 hours