Inno Ski & Snowboard Roof Rack INA951

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  • Our Price: $282.49
  • Shipping: FREE SHIPPING
  • Part Number: INA951
  • Store SKU: AAGIOINA951
  • UPC: 047998542976
  • Skis/Snowboards: 6 Skis / 4 Snowboards
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  • Be the envy of everyone arriving at the ski lodge with the Inno Ski & Snowboard Roof Rack
  • Take advantage of the Memory Mount for quick installation and detachment
  • Works with nearly all OE, aero, round or square cross bar systems
  • Includes two keys for incorporated lock
  • Choose from two sizes: 6 pairs of skis/3 snowboards or 3 pairs of skis/2 snowboards
  • Comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty

We get it. Being a ski or snowboarding enthusiast means you travel with a lot of expensive gear. And that new set you got for the holidays can be tempting to thieves. Keep your skis and boards safely stowed and secured using nearly any type of roof rack system thanks to the Inno Ski & Snowboard Roof Rack.

Choose the size best for you and your crew: six pairs of skis/three snowboards or three pairs of skis/two snowboards. This deluxe roof rack system incorporates a Memory Mount, which means your settings are tracked after the first installation. This makes it snap to quickly mount when that unexpected early snowfall comes.

Take advantage of the hinge and lock structure to keep a firm grasp on curvy, rough country roads. Enjoy hiking, stopping for scenic selfies and resting at the lodge without needing to keep an eye on your roof rack. NAPA is proud to offer the Inno Ski & Snowboard Roof Rack with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.