Inno T-Slot SUP Board, Canoe & Kayak Rack for Aero Base XA445

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  • Hone your surfside lifestyle with the Inno T-Slot SUP Board, Canoes & Kayak for Aero Base
  • Holds either one kayak, two standard surfboards or three smaller surfboards
  • Held in place by ratcheting method and crane tightening straps
  • Works with almost any roof rack (ideal for INNO's Aero Base)
  • Aerodynamic design won't increase drag
  • Anti-theft protection with lock and key
  • Supported by a Limited Lifetime Warranty

Adventures on the water can be endless fun, but loading and transporting your equipment is a different story. Gone are the days where you'd awkwardly fit oversized kayaks in your trunk space, or unsafely store them on your roof with the risk of them falling. With the Inno T-Slot SUP Board, Canoes & Kayak Rack for Aero Base, your boards glide onto your vehicle just as they do on the water!

Despite being constructed around a perfect fit for Inno's Aero Base mode, this board rack can easily be assembled on any roof rack. Enjoy the flexibility of a board that can carry one kayak or canoe, two long surfboards or three smaller sized surfboards. A ratcheting system with crane straps secures your boards in place as you drive over sandy roads and off-road trails. The aerodynamic design won't increase wind drag, and can easily be installed. Plus, your board rack also comes with a lock and key for enhanced security whenever you're away from your vehicle.

Get easy, unobstructed storage and access to your ocean adventure gear with the Inno T-Slot SUP Board, Canoe & Kayak Rack for Aero Base. Supported by a Limited Lifetime Warranty.