IPCW LED 3rd Brake Light

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Product Details

  • Level up your style and take a step towards safety using the IPCW LED 3rd Brake Light
  • Choose either Platinum Smoke or a Crystal Clear lens
  • Shinning LEDs for a new and improved look
  • Built to last for safety reasons
  • Straightforward installation
  • Built-in LED cargo light
  • Protected with a 1-Year Warranty

Add performance style to the list of unique, functional upgrades on your truck or SUV when you have the IPCW LED 3rd Brake Light and improved LED. The Platinum Smoke or Crystal Clear Lens overlay adds a distinct style to your vehicle's exterior, and the straightforward installation makes this an obvious choice.

The built-in LED cargo light is engineered to last so that you can stay as safe as possible on the roads utilizing a third brake light. Obstructions in traffic or dim and inclement weather are great reasons to add this European-style system to your safety features.

Can you imagine your brakes not lighting up in time, down to the millisecond? Conventional incandescent light bulbs can easily damage and burn out; therefore, using technology like the 3rd LED Brake Light, which reaches full brightness in less than 1 millisecond, is safer and more environmentally friendly. NAPA proudly sells the IPCW LED 3rd Brake Light protected with a 1-Year Warranty.