Jotto Desk Heavy Duty Mobile Laptop Mount

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Product Details

  • Give your computer the stability it needs in the field and jobsite with the secure Jotto Desk Heavy Duty Mobile Laptop Mount
  • Completely personalize your setup with the adjustable design and state-of-the-art, all-brass security lock
  • Your mounting plate is specific to the exact model of your work truck, contractor van or deluxe SUV
  • Fabricated from 7-gauge steel to hold up to intense driving conditions and road hazards
  • A high-quality aftermarket solution for law enforcement and delivery fleet vehicles
  • Comes with a 1-Year Limited Warranty

Does your fleet of service or delivery vehicles travel down remote curvy highways? Does your construction pickup truck or contractor van bump down some gnarly gravel roads? Then you need to strap your expensive, must-have field computer laptop to a Jotto Desk Heavy Duty Mobile Laptop Mount.

Your Jotto Desk Mobile Laptop Mount incorporates a base that is designed specifically for your vehicle make and model. That base is also fully customizable thanks to the Adjustable Mobile Operations Desktop (A-Mod) design. This advanced mount includes a 15-inch lowering tube, a swing arm that rotates 90 degrees and a swivel plate that adjusts by 25 degrees.

Stop harsh vibrations from deteriorating your sensitive laptop. This Heavy Duty Laptop Mount is constructed with a 7-gauge steel base. High-strength, lightweight aluminum and composite materials make this aftermarket upgrade nearly indestructible. Lock up your expensive equipment with the solid brass tubular lock.  

Choose either the Standard model (laptops up to 13 inches wide and 4.65 pounds) or the XL model (laptops up to 16 inches wide and 5.1 pounds). NAPA is proud to offer the Jotto Desk Heavy Duty Mobile Laptop Mount with a 1-Year Limited Warranty.