Jotto Desk Mobile Laptop Mount Accessories

4023 M Univ.
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Product Details

  • Optimize your Jotto Desk Mobile Laptop Mount with the added functionality of these Laptop Mount Accessories
  • Dual or Single Brace Kit provides additional support on flat, inclined, and vertical surfaces
  • The 3-Outlet DC Power Supply allows you to connect up to three devices to your 12V power source
  • The screen holder stabilizes your laptop screen while driving
  • Secure your phone by adding the Pivoting Cell Phone Holder
  • Compact, long-lasting USB Flexlight has five brilliant LEDs and connects to either the USB port on your laptop or the 12V power supply in your car.
  • Mounts easily for added convenience

You probably already know how easy and convenient it is to take your work with you on the road with your Jotto Desk Mobile Laptop Mount. But did you know there's a way to get even more functionality for your in-vehicle office? These add-ons are the perfect way to accessorize your Mobile Laptop Mount and maximize your mobile workspace.

The USB Flexlight provides clear, bright light at night. It comes with 5 brilliant LED bulbs and plugs directly into your USB port or 12V lighter port. The Brace Kit puts an end to the frustrating shuddering of your laptop screen as you drive; it reinforces the rigidity of your Jotto Desk and the Screen Holder keeps your laptop screen steady. Everyone knows the exasperating feeling of needing more power, and now your mobile office will have it with the 3-Outlet DC Power Supply. It provides additional power sources for running laptops and phone chargers. Speaking of cell phones, the Jotto Desk Pivoting Cell Phone Holder provides you with a convenient place to keep your smartphone so you can focus on the road without missing a call.

If you're a mobile professional, you know that having a fully functional office in your vehicle with all your devices at the ready is the first step towards a job well done and avoiding disorganized disaster. Utilize Jotto Desk Mobile Laptop Mount Accessories to maximize your mobile computing setup.