K&N 77-Series High Performance Air Intake System

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  • Maximize your car's power and speed with the K&N 77 Series Performance Air Intake System
  • Choose between a Polished Textured Black or Gunmetal Gray finish for the intake tube
  • No power tools, cuts or adjustments needed for a quick installation
  • Replacement solution for your factory air intake system
  • Included long-lasting filter which can be washed and reused
  • Compatible with factory computer settings
  • Made to fit your specific car or truck
  • Not CARB-Certified
  • Backed by a 10-Year/Million-Mile Warranty

If you want to car or truck to run at its best, you need to supply your engine with consistent and cool oxygen intake. A poor intake system runs the risk of absorbing debris and muddying other internal components that are necessary for efficient horsepower. When your air intake system gets neglected, you'll often see side effects such as worsened gas mileage and slowed acceleration.

Give your car the tools needed to maximize engine power and efficiency with the K&N 77-Series High-Performance Air Intake System. Boost RPM capabilities and overall performance with a system that features one of K&N's best-selling air filters. This custom-made air intake system protects itself from radiating engine temperatures with an innovative heat buffer against the hood. It optimizes cold airflow which enhances both oxygen concentration and engine power. Hold onto your K&N Filtercharger because it can be washed and reused as needed, giving your engine years of unparalleled oxygen that'll make your rides smoother.

Color choices include a Polished or Gunmetal Gray powder coat, subject to exact make and model. Enjoy a simple, drill-less installation process that requires no modifications. Packaging includes all necessary components needed to connect your air intake system within 90 minutes. NAPA AUTO PARTS is proud to offer the K&N 77-Series High-Performance Air Intake System with K&N's 10-Year/Million-Mile Warranty.