K&N Air Filter

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  • K&N Air Filters boost your horsepower by delivering larger amounts of clean, unobstructed airflow into your engine
  • Specifically tailored to your vehicle's engine year, make, and model for a flawless fit
  • Filter uses pleated and oiled cotton-gauze that's completely washable and reusable
  • Should be cleaned every 50,000 miles
  • Eco-friendly reusability cuts down on waste and keeps filters out of landfills
  • Improves your fuel economy so you can skip a trip to the pump
  • Street-legal in 50 states
  • Installation will not void your vehicle warranty
  • Comes with K&N's 10-Year / 1,000,000-Mile Warranty

For over half a century, the people at K&N have worked tirelessly to lead the automotive industry in providing quality filters. Their careful research has resulted in cutting-edge designs that ensure premium performance and protection, adding years to your vehicle's lifespan. Once installed, you'll notice the difference a K&N Air Filter makes immediately.

This filter allows your engine to breathe cool, clean air, which ultimately improves the quality of combustion, resulting in serious boosts to both power and acceleration that you can see and feel. It consists of four to six pleated sheets of high-quality cotton fabric that have been oiled and affixed between two layers of aluminum wire. This system effectively stops dust and particulates from getting into your engine, so your fuel has clean air to combust with, giving you a palpable edge.

Installing a K&N Performance Air Filter beneath your hood also means you're doing your part for the planet. A reusable air filter means a reduction in landfill waste because you're not throwing it away. This filter will last as long as you own your vehicle, simply remove and clean it every 50,000 miles. K&N backs your purchase with a 10-Year / Million Mile Warranty, so you can give your ride a breath of fresh air for years down the road.