KC HiLites Daylighter Long Range Light 1238

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  • Our Price: $112.99
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  • Part Number: 1238
  • Store SKU: AAGAG0269400002
  • UPC: 084709012380
  • Finish: Black
  • Wattage: 100 Watts
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  • Get excited about the KC Hilites Daylighter Long Range Light, made with a patented shock mount design
  • Illuminating 100-watt or 130-watt Halogen bulb with up to 285,000 candlepower
  • Choose from various colors like Black, Stainless, or Chrome
  • The most requested name in off-road lighting
  • Specialized shock-mounted housing
  • Comes with a sturdy plastic cover
  • Proudly back by a 23-Year Warranty

Are you ready to sport the most requested name in off-road lighting gear? Get ready to turn heads with the KC Hilites Daylighter Long Range Light. The beaming light is suitable for off-road excursions and commercial use alike. Housed in steel with patented shock mounts, the expertly crafted halogen bulbs can withstand rugged roads and bumpy terrain.

The KC Long Range Light illuminates the gloom and dark with a robust 100-watt light bulb using optically clear glass lenses for long-range shine. The patented shock mount ensures the light does not damage when around high vibrations or along rugged roads.

The KC Daylighter is a sweet addition to your current lighting setup or can be your main lighting attraction. Enjoy a waterproof design that is rubber sealed and made to last. NAPA is proud to sell the KC Hilites Daylighter Long Range Light, protected by a 23-Year Warranty.