KW Suspension Coilover Shocks

3433 M
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Product Details

  • Create the smooth cruising you love, while attaining peak performance when needed, with the KW Suspension Coilover Shocks
  • Take advantage of diminished squat and sharp cornering from a sunken center of gravity
  • Attractive high-tensile springs are customized for your exact race-ready make and model
  • Corrosion-fighting fabrication includes Inox-Line stainless steel strut housings
  • Twin-tube engineering is paired with chromium-plated, hardened piston rod
  • All-weather components include anodized aluminum spring collars
  • Tight seal on Teflon piston dramatically reduces heat and friction
  • Backed by a Lifetime Warranty

Get low for an optimized center of gravity with the sharp-looking KW Suspension Coilover Shocks. This aftermarket upgrade will improve your vehicle’s responsiveness. Enjoy smooth handling and a gentle drive when you are cruising, while also reveling in a tight performance when you feel the need for speed.

Your long-lasting, high-tensile KW Suspension Shocks are designed to impress. The Teflon piston seals guarantee limited heat and friction. Take control from corner to corner with three options:

  • V1 – Complete management of each shock height
  • V2 – Modify the height and the rebound
  • V3 – Total modification of height, rebound and compression

This system upgrade utilizes anodized aluminum spring collars, stainless steel strut housings and twin tube engineering. Your Suspension Coilover Shocks are customized for your exact vehicle and come with a Lifetime Warranty.