KW Suspension Street Comfort Coilover Kit

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Product Details

  • Make your ride lower while still preserving your comfort as a driver when you use the KW Suspension Street Comfort Coilover Kit
  • Specially engineered "Inox-Line" Stainless Steel technology does not and never will erode, rust or fade
  • Designed with Trapezoidal Stainless Steel Cables that make height adjusting very simple
  • Made to lower between 0.2-1.8 inches, contingent on your vehicle's make and model
  • Detailed instructions included for your convenience
  • Made with less curl for better handling overall
  • Movable rebound dampening
  • Includes a front and rear kit
  • Protected by a Lifetime Warranty

Minimize the height of your vehicle for a comfort-plus ride and use the moveable KW Suspension Street Comfort Coilover Kit, which lowers your ride up to 1.8 inches, depending on your vehicle for a low stance and a great look. Their stainless steel housings, aluminum components, and high-quality springs last a lifetime and provide superior comfort and handling.

KW Suspension shock struts are crafted from "Inox-Line" stainless steel. Inox-Line technology is tested in extreme conditions to withstand a lifetime of road hazards like salt water. The Kit is adjustable and allows you to dial in on damping for the perfect look and superior handling. Elastomer bump stops, purple anodized aluminum spring perches and components, paired with race-worthy yellow springs, ensure the highest quality ride at any height.

The KW Street Comfort Coilover Kit includes all the detailed installation instructions and documentation you need. Your Street Comfort KW Shocks are custom designed for your specific vehicle and come backed with a Lifetime Warranty. NAPA proudly sells the KW Street Comfort Coilover Kit, protected with a Lifetime Warranty.