Launch CReader Auto Diagnostic Tool

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Product Details

  • Never be confused about a vehicle malfunction again with expert-level readings by the Launch CReader Auto Diagnostic Tool
  • Access VIN information, I/M readiness and EVAP system testing with straightforward DTC and OBD II trouble codes
  • Enjoy 4-inches of TFT color display capabilities, making it a breeze to look at real-time figures
  • Choose from three convenient models: the CReader123, CReader129 or CReader229
  • Available in multiple languages including English, Spanish or French
  • Protected by a 1-Year Warranty

Everyone knows how your heart skips a beat when car trouble arrives. Ease your mind with the Launch CReader Auto Diagnostic Tool. Even though other diagnostics tools can read codes like the MIL code from a check engine light, the Launch CReader gives detailed information about what’s happening, how to reset service lights, and so much more. Access emissions data, EVAP testing and I/M readiness information at your fingertips.

The most basic version of the CReader is the CRreader123, which tests all four major systems, such as the engine, transmission, brakes (ABS), and airbags (SRS). The next level is the CReader129, which includes everything in the CReader123 package plus extra reset capabilities, like steering wheel maintenance, oil, battery, and electronic parking brake (EPB) resets. Updating the CReader 123 and CReader129 is free, and as easy as plugging in a USB port.

Ultimately, the CReader229 includes every component from the CReader123, and CReader129, along with MBZ and BMW adapters. The CReader229 series also comes with Android-based, Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing easy software updates and internet access to useful data. NAPA is proud to sell all three versions of the Launch CReader Auto Diagnostic Tool, protected by a 1-Year Warranty.