Lloyd RubberTite Cargo Liner

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Product Details

  • Trap grease, spilled drinks, wet sand, melting snow and more with the deluxe Lloyd RubberTite Cargo Liner
  • A web of tiny pockets captures moisture and provides even more grip in your rear storage space
  • Choose from a range of color options for complete personalization
  • Lined underneath by a series of barbs to prevent shifting
  • Quickly clean by spraying off and air drying
  • Manufactured in the U.S. with a 3-Year Warranty

Whether the cargo area of your sedan, minivan, hatchback or cherished SUV is used to stock up on groceries, transport sports equipment, make the most out of beach day or carry camping supplies, you need extra protection from spills, leaks, wet gear and dirty gear. The Lloyd RubberTite Cargo Liner comprehensively traps moisture and debris with a customized application that entirely covers your rear-end storage space.

A system of tiny pockets collects any runoff before it reaches your interior carpeting. This low-profile design of your RubberTite Liner has no bulky outer walls or unattractive troughs. This web of miniature traps also provides a slide-proof, firm hold of your cargo.

Your Lloyd Cargo Liner is lined underneath with catching barbs, so it's sure not to shift. To clean, quickly spray off your liner and let it air dry. NAPA is proud to offer the Lloyd RubberTite Cargo Liner, manufactured in the U.S. with a 3-Year Warranty