MagnaFlow Exhaust System

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Product Details

  • Gain substantial power and performance with the Magnaflow Performance Exhaust System
  • Options for satin or polished finishes, with double-wall welded tips or single-wall clamp-on tips
  • Fine-tune your vehicle with a custom-engineered exhaust system
  • Make your muffler rumble, without obnoxious noise or vibrations
  • Restore full torque and boost horsepower from your engine
  • Overlapped welds create tight, leak-proof seals on every joint
  • Bolts onto factory positions with simple hand tools
  • Lifetime Warranty for all Magnaflow Systems

From burning rubber on the racetrack to cruising with your date at the rally downtown, a Magnaflow Performance Exhaust System will give you the power, performance, and personality to make any car enthusiast jealous. Comprised of high-flow stainless steel tubing, each performance system set-up is smog and street legal in all 50 states. Upgrade to the premium Magnaflow Series for double-wall welded tips and a polished muffler.

The Magnaflow Performance Exhaust System maximizes scavenging and minimizes backpressure. The perfect flow-rate efficiency is crafted with20% less bends than a stock exhaust, and a steel-mesh core in the muffler to establish optimal temperature for expelling exhaust gases. Choose between single and dual kits for both gas and diesel vehicles.

Installation typically takes less than two hours with no drilling, cutting, or welding required. The quality of a Magnaflow Performance Exhaust System is designed to impress and comes with a Lifetime Warranty.