Maxim Geomet Coated Brake Rotors

6834 MCf
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Product Details

  • Maxim Geomet Coated Brake Rotors provide better stopping distance than original equipment (OE) rotors
  • The coating extends the life of the rotors and other braking components
  • Unique coating slows rust progress
  • These brake rotors are a direct replacement for OE parts – no retrofitting is needed
  • They come with a 3-Year / 36,000 Mile Warranty

Since your car drove off the factory floor, your OE rotors have been wearing down. So when it comes to replacing them, be sure you're reaching for something that will stay strong even through heavy use. Upgrade your braking components with Maxim Geomet Coated Brake Rotors and enjoy safer driving today!

Your Maxim Geomet Coated Brake Rotors are made for the long haul: Their strong construction gives a superior shield against rust and corrosion, allowing you to cruise with confidence knowing your braking components will last longer. Plus, a quicker stop distance means an overall safer ride.

The punishing results of a 500-hour salt spray corrosion test and eco-friendly Geomet coating are a superior rotor you can rely on for years to come. Best of all, these rotors require no fuss for a successful installation - just directly swap it in place for OE ones without any modifications needed at all. Geomet has you covered with a 3-Year/36,000 Mile Warranty.