MAXSA Park Right Parking Mat 37358

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  • Hit the mark whenever you park at home thanks to the MAXSA Park Right Parking Mat
  • Choose from a range of bright colors to combine with reflective tape as a guide
  • Ideal for any commuter vehicle, measuring 11 inches by 21.5 inches
  • Mat catches runoff from rain, snow, mud and other debris
  • Will not shift thanks to skid-proof tape
  • Comes with a 90-Day Limited Warranty

Take the guesswork out of parking in your garage, carport or storage area with the MAXSA Park Right Parking Mat. Achieve the perfect distance for both your bumpers, as well as your swinging car doors with this garage accessory. And best of all, the Park Right Parking Mat traps runoff from wet, snowy or muddy tires from spreading all over the floor.

The MAXSA Parking Mat measures 11 inches by 21.5 inches for a universal application. Take advantage of the reflective tap when you pull in after dark. Use the guide bumpers on the front and back to assure you are in the right spot.

The skid-proof install tape is all you need, but this product also incorporates pre-drilled corner holes for a hard mount. NAPA is proud to offer the MAXSA Park Right Parking Mat with a 90-Day Limited Warranty.