MAXTRAX FUSE Breakaway Shackle MTXFS

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  • Expect the best but prepare for the worst with MAXTRAX FUSE Breakaway Shackle
  • Absorbs the majority of recovery force, adding a layer of safety to the rest of your rig
  • Built to break first and keep the rest of your gear intact
  • Designed with +15,000 pounds (7,000 kilograms) of Minimum Breaking Strength
  • Marries with other MAXTRAX parts
  • Comes with a Lifetime Warranty

If you're fed up with the never-ending cycle of breaking and replacing expensive recovery straps during the most demanding recoveries, you've come to the right place. offers the MAXTRAX FUSE Breakaway Shackle, the premium solution to your most pressing recovery issue: strap strength.

Because a safe and robust recovery system is only as strong as its weakest point, your MAXTRAX Fuse Breakaway Shackle is designed to break in the smartest way possible. It takes the majority of that recovery force, ensuring your other recovery points are left undamaged. This breakaway strap is crafted with a Minimum Breaking Strength of over 15,000 pounds (7,000 kilograms) and will fail before the rest of your gear takes the force.

This breakaway shackle is the critical component of your fully-integrated MAXTRAX system and incorporates flawlessly with the MAXTRAX Winch Ring 120. Your purchase comes with a Lifetime Warranty.