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  • Repair your recovery boards easily with the MAXTRAX XTRACT Insert Tool
  • Remove and replace the teeth of your MAXTRAX recovery boards quickly and easily
  • Integrates with any mounting pin for easier turning
  • Bright orange color makes it easy to see
  • Comes with a 2-Year Warranty

After many successful recoveries, you're probably going to need to replace some of the teeth of your MAXTRAX XTREME Recovery Boards. The MAXTRAX XTRACT Insert Tool makes everything easier. This convenient tool is made specifically for quick and simple removal and replacement of your recovery board teeth, making it easy to get back on track in less time.

Your MAXTRAX XTRACT Insert Tool is designed for multiple uses. Not only can you use it to replace the teeth of your recovery board, but you can also use the socket end of the tool to fit over the top of any mounting pin, making turning mounting pins easier. 

The unique orange color makes your Insert Tool easy to see, making it perfect for low-visibility recoveries. Make the MAXTRAX XTRACT Insert Tool part of your full MAXTRAX Recovery kit so you're always prepared for whatever your next adventure throws at you. Your purchase is supported by a 2-Year Warranty.