Meyer Blaster Tailgate Spreader 32000

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  • Our Price: $2683.75
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  • Part Number: 32000
  • Store SKU: AAGME32000
  • UPC: 872972039001
  • Capacity: 6.5 Cu. Ft.
  • Style: without Vibrator
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  • The Meyer Blaster Tailgate Spreader will eliminate any snow and ice that may have been left behind, so you can cruise out when it's time to go
  • The most potent spreader on the market has a 1/2 horsepower motor
  • Compatible with any 3-point hitch or 1/2-ton truck or tractor
  • Offered in 2 sizes with a capacity of 6.5 or 12.8 cubic feet
  • Illuminated in-cab controller with a single-touch operation
  • Protected with a 5-Year Warranty Included

The Meyer Blaster Tailgate Spreader is definitely a class apart, with the strongest motor possible on a spreader and a specially built design to provide a consistently constant flow of material. Its spreader features several speeds and comes in 2 convenient sizes, like the 6.5-cubic-foot capacity type or the almost 50% bigger 12.8 model in the lineup. It is compatible with any half-ton or bigger pickup vehicle. The one-touch LED in-cab controller makes it possible and fun to operate anything from the comfort of your car, which has a patent-pending design.

An on-demand vibrator and a pressure-relieving, load-bearing baffle plate are also included as standard features with the Meyer Spreader. A multi-spiked auger digs deep into the hopper-plus and comes manufactured to prevent material leakage. Receive 75% greater power because of the 1/5 HP direct-drive motor's direct connection to the auger. Even under the worst circumstances, all of these components work together to break apart congealed material and disseminate it evenly for a longer-lasting and better-performing product. Also, this spreader stops abruptly when the brake is used, so you'll get a lot of use out of your ice melt.

The hopper is made of rust-proof polyurethane and has strong locking straps to prevent moisture from getting inside. The frame of the hopper is powder coated with rust-resistant automotive paint. Stainless steel spinners measuring 9 inches long provide dependable, long-lasting performance. You'll love how your spreader is shielded from the weather by electrical connections made in the marine manner style. NAPA proudly sells the industry-leading Meyer Blaster Tailgate Spreader, protected with a 5-Year Warranty.