Home Plow Accessories by Meyer

4935 MC Univ.
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Product Details

  • Get the correct edges and skid plates to complete your snow plow configuration with Home Plow Accessories by Meyer
  • Safeguards your driveway and other vulnerable pavement work against damage caused by steel plow blades
  • Choose from the following:
    • Rubber Cutting Edge Kit: Reversible, strong rubber blade edge
    • Urethane Cutting Edge Kit: Sturdy steel edges with gentle concrete interaction
    • Rubber Deflector Kit: Snow is rolled when plowed, minimizing obstructed view from snow cover on windshield (comes with hardware bag and steel mounting belt)
    • Snow Skid Kit: Metal components gauge the scraping height of the cutting edge (sold in sets of two)
    • Drop/Rise Adapters: Front hitch must be 10 inches - 13 inches off the ground; these adapters are required for other heights
  • All options are crafted for seamless integration to the Meyer Home Plow
  • Cutting edge and deflector kits are delivered ready to install, with pre-drilled holes and all required mounting hardware.
  • Backed by a 1-Year Warranty

The Meyer Home Plow is the ideal snow plow for parking lots and driveways at home. It is a fantastic plow, but with the appropriate snow plow attachments, it might function even better for the unique requirements of your driveway. By selecting from the Home Plow Accessories from Meyer, you can get the precise plow you require.

Come summertime, the extensive damage done by Steel snow plow blades during the winter months becomes obvious. At best, you're only looking at unsightly scrapes and gouges. Worst case scenario, the pavement can be compromised and need extensive repair or full replacement. Now you can customize the ideal height and edge material with the edges, deflectors, and snow skids available in the Home Plow Accessories by Meyer. Everything comes fully assembled with the required hardware and is ready to be installed. If required, some will even be pre-drilled for a simple installation. 

These snow plow accessories are produced with Meyer's commitment to quality craftsmanship, and they were all created to fit your Home Plow properly. Feel free to make changes if the steel blade as it is now configured doesn't serve your needs. The drop/rise adapters will enable installation if your front hitch is more than 13 inches or less than 10 inches from the ground. You have plenty of opportunities to do so with confidence thanks to Home Plow Accessories by Meyer. Your purchase is supported by a 1-Year Warranty.