Meyer Jeep WingMan Snow Plow

7408 C
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Product Details

  • Don't get trapped in the piling snow! Turn your Jeep into a utilitarian winter beast with the Meyer Jeep WingMan Snow Plow
  • Enhanced hydraulics operate lift, drop and sideways motion
  • Easy to control with touchpad from the comfort of your cabin
  • Incorporated caster wheels simplify off-season storage
  • Comes with NiteSaber® Plow Lights
  • Optional front mount hitch
  • Supported by a 5-Year Warranty

If you reside in a climate where brutal winters leave your driveway caked with snow, you know the headaches that come with shoveling for hours. Clear your space in no time from the comfort of your Jeep's cabin with the Meyer Jeep WingMan Snow Plow!

This WingMan Snow Plow is the perfect sidekick to tackle heavy snow and sludge. It's a beast of a plow that can handle multiple lots of snow and is fully operational from the warmth and comfort of your Jeep. The enhanced, commercial-grade hydraulics that lift, drop and move side to side are quick and smooth. The incorporated NiteSaber® Plow Lights, Plow Markers and Snow Deflector give your plow the tools it needs to do the job right – no matter what the conditions are. The heavy-duty, steel blade is coated in a Dura-Slick™ Teflon that carves out a clean path like it's nothing. The QuickLink™ mounting mechanism and incorporated casters make disassembly easy, so you can store your plow in the off-season. Your plow can even come with an optional front mount hitch for extra versatility.

Do the job of a big, industrial plow with the mighty power of the Meyer Jeep WingMan Snow Plow! Supported by a 5-Year Warranty.