Mile Marker 9,000 Lbs. and Up Electric Winch

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Product Details

  • Pull your gear out of any situation using the Mile Marker 9,000 Lbs. and Up Electric Winch
  • Specially engineered MiFi Technology Solid State Control uses variable speed, gives feedback and is solenoid-free
  • Manufactured cable connections are reinforced with fiberglass polymer sheaths
  • Add on the integrated solenoid or Mile Marker's own MiFi Technology Control
  • Comes with 100 feet of 3/8-feet diameter Galvanized Aircraft Cable material
  • Massive tugging capability of 12,000 lbs.
  • Vigorous series-wound motor ability
  • Sports a low current of 12 volts
  • Durable planetary gear sets
  • Resist heat and abrasion
  • Protected by a 2-Year Warranty

Getting yourself out of a sticky situation is worth its weight in gold if you find your vehicle in trouble. Winch your vehicle out of a jam and get back onto the road using the Mile Marker 9,000 Lbs. and Up Electric Winch, which has established itself as the premiere off-roading system able to pull up to 12,000 pounds of weight while only using 12 volts of energy.

Each Mile Marker Winch is manufactured to resist heat and abrasion and is specially designed with a robust series-wound motor capability rated from 4.6-5.5 HP. You'll love the automatic load-holding brake engineered with a strong polyurethane finish and galvanized roller fairleads. Each winch comes with 100 feet of 3/8-inch diameter Galvanized Aircraft Cable material. The manufactured cable connections come reinforced with fiberglass polymer sheaths, so they will last a long time.

The state-of-the-art Mile Marker Winch is MiFi Technology and uses variable speed and gives feedback, using MOSFET drivers to digitally control the winch without faulty solenoids. Take your pick of the MiFi Technology control model or the Mile Marker's integrated solenoid housing. A 12-inch electronic remote is included for your convenience. NAPA is proud to sell the Mile Marker 9,000 Lbs. and Up Electric Winch with a 2-Year Warranty.