Northern Frontier Premium Windshield Sun Shade

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Product Details

  • Parking in the sun is no problem with a Northern Frontier Premium Windshield Sun Shade
  • Cool off the inside of your car, truck, van, or SUV by as much as 40°F
  • Protect your steering wheel, dash, and upholstery from harmful UV rays
  • The perfect fit for your make and model from 2,800 specific patterns
  • Easily folds into drawstring carrying bag
  • Comes with a Lifetime Warranty

No more circling the parking lot until that one shady spot opens up. No more scorching your fingertips on a hot steering wheel. With the Northern Frontier Premium Windshield Sun Shade, your car's interior will be cool to the touch and the cabin temperature will stay very comfortable, even against record-breaking heat outside.

An advanced, seven-layer design efficiently reflects sun rays away from the windshield. The premium sunshade is strong enough to stand upright on its own for long periods of time, but smooth enough that the soft mylar material is gentle on your dash and seat interiors as it slides in and out of position. Because this sunshade is custom-made for your specific make and model, it will fit right into place. All you have to do is lower your sun visors to hold this shade against your windshield.

A drawstring bag is included to store your Northern Frontier Premium Windshield Sun Shade when not in use. Covered by a Lifetime Warranty.