Northern Frontier TrueTimber Camo Canvas Seat Covers

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Product Details

  • Northern Frontier TrueTimber Camo Canvas Seat Covers protect your interior and give it a walk on the wild side
  • Designed for a custom-fit to your make and model
  • TrueTimber Camouflage was created to mimic the South Carolina woodlands
  • Stitched using breathable cotton fabric that's also machine washable
  • Made in the United States of America
  • A 2-Year Warranty is included

We all love to take relaxing and exhilarating camping or hunting trips to get away from the rat race for a little while. But a lot of fun outside usually results in a lot of messes inside your vehicle. Maybe it's a bit of cheese that couldn't stay on a burger or some slimy mud from a swampy swim. Whatever you come across in the woods or on the road, your Northern Frontier TrueTimber Camo Canvas Seat Covers will keep your seats safe.

The unique and appealing design of these seat covers was modeled after the tranquil forests of South Carolina, and installing them in your vehicle makes for an instant upgrade. Your Northern Frontier TrueTimber Camo Canvas Seat Covers are crafted using high-quality, breathable cotton material that can be quickly and conveniently machine washed and air-dried. They also include headrest and armrest covers depending on your make and model. Each cover is designed to resist fluids and minimize mildew and stains.

Each set is designed using the specific measurements of your vehicle's year, make, and model, so they'll fit like a glove and look great. Northern Frontier is delighted to provide Lifetime Customer Support as well as low-cost maintenance in the future if needed. Your seat covers are proudly made in the United States and come with a 2-Year Warranty.