Northern Frontier TrueTimber Camo Seat Covers

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Product Details

  • Northern Frontier TrueTimber Camo Seat Covers will tell the world that you love the outdoors while preserving your upholstery
  • Made to suit your specific make and model of vehicle
  • Easy to spot treat with a mild fabric soap
  • The cotton-polyester combination is rugged and feels great
  • Installation takes only a few minutes and requires no tools
  • 13 Camoflauge designs to choose from
  • Made proudly in the United States of America
  • Comes with a 2-Year Warranty

If you're like most people with a deep adoration and appreciation for being outside, your vehicle is the chariot that carries you to your happy place. The only downside you have to contend with is that sometimes the beloved outdoors come home with you in your vehicle's interior, causing stains and messes. With Northern Frontier TrueTimber Camo Seat Covers, you can add some outdoor flair to your vehicle while protecting your factory-installed seats from damage and grime.

Your new seat covers are ideal for hunters, fishermen, and other outdoor enthusiasts. They can add a touch of refreshing vibrancy to an old car interior or protect a newer car, truck, or SUV from deterioration. Each pair of covers fits either your front or rear car seats, and they are individually tailored to suit every profile, curve, and seam of your seats. No tools are necessary to move them into place and secure them thanks to an adjustable installation method.

A headrest cover, armrest cover, console cover, and back pocket will be included if it's present in your specific vehicle. All of the performance and custom components of your original seats, including airbags and safety systems, are incorporated. Take your pick of any of the thirteen truly unique and exciting camo patterns like DR, Kanati, MC2 Blaze, Strata, Viper Western, MC2 Pink, Viper Urban, HTC Fall, and more. Your Northern Frontier TrueTimber Camo Seat Covers are proudly made right here in the United States, and they come with a 2-Year Warranty and Lifetime Customer Support.