Omix-ADA Brake Drum

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Product Details

  • Omix-ADA Brake Drums are the perfect upgrade for the brake drums that came factory set on your Jeep, improving brake response and safety
  • Significantly enhance your stopping ability, especially for older and vintage Jeeps
  • Standard fitments are available for most Jeep models
  • Tailormade to fit your exact make and model
  • Protected with a generous 5-Year Limited Warranty

Since almost all of the stopping power of your Jeep comes from the rear drums, it should not come as a surprise if your rear drums start to exhibit the telltale symptoms of wear and tear, especially if you drive aggressively or off-road. Brake drums that are worn out are a terrible inevitability; yet, just like all of life's other small difficulties, there is a remedy to this one as well. With the Omix-ADA Brake Drums installed, your Jeep will stop just as well as when it was brand new, if not better than before.

The Omix-ADA Brake Drums are an excellent upgrade over the drums that were factory fitted on your vehicle. You can brake with complete peace of mind knowing that these replacement drums will work perfectly with the specific year, make and model of Jeep that you own. Don't settle for noisy, bouncy, unreliable brakes to keep your driving in check because if your brakes have recently begun generating a lot of noise and you've noticed that their stopping strength has been decreasing over time, then you should know that it's about time to update them.

Invest in quality, long-lasting brake components that'll keep up with you as you put the power to the pedal. NAPA proudly sells the Omix-ADA Brake Drums protected with a generous 5-Year Limited Warranty.

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