Omix-ADA Disc Brake Rotor

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Product Details

  • Increase the stopping power of your Jeep with the long-lasting Omix-ADA Disc Brake Rotor
  • Manufactured to have an exacting thickness that is ideal for your Jeep
  • Expertly engineered to meet and or exceed every OEM quality criteria
  • Designed with the original metallurgy for a direct fit replacement
  • Unmatched stopping power with an ultra-silent operation
  • Protected with a 5-Year Warranty

It's not hard for the brake rotors on your Jeep to deteriorate over time, becoming glazed, scored or simply too thin altogether. Scratches, warps and even fractures are just some problems that might arise. One or more of your brake rotors may have worn out? Because if you are experiencing issues such as a pulsing brake pedal, squeaks, squeals or grinding while using the brakes then you might consider upgrading. Treat yourself to the Omix-ADA Disc Brake Rotor and increase the stopping power of your Jeep.

If you feel a pulsation in your brake pedal, it might indicate that one or more of your rotors have run out. When you apply the brakes, if you hear high-pitched squeaks and squeals, this is a sign that your rotors have gotten glazed. Also, if you hear a sharp grinding noise originating from the touch of metal-to-metal contact, this indicates that the pads on your vehicle have worn down to the backing plates. It is time to make a replacement if any of these things have occurred with your rotor, or even if it has just worn thinner than the minimal stipulations required to drive safely.

This brake rotor comes designed with the same metallurgy as your standard rotors to provide a direct replacement fit with the exact thickness your Jeep and its brake pads need. Installation is straightforward, and the finished product functions flawlessly while meeting and or surpassing all OEM quality criteria. NAPA proudly sells the Omix-ADA Disc Brake Rotor protected with a 5-Year Warranty.

California Residents: Prop 65 Warning
ATTN State of California Consumers Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm.