Pop and Lock Tailgate Locks

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Product Details

  • The Pop & Lock Tailgate Lock fits seamlessly under your tailgate handle and keeps your cargo secure and safe
  • Fast and simple setup takes 15 minutes or less
  • Crafted using high-strength armored steel
  • Lock & Pop Tailgate locks are designed specifically to fit the tailgate handle on your make and model
  • Black finish matches the trim on your rig
  • No drilling, cutting, or welding is required
  • Made in the USA
  • A 1-Year Warranty is included

All truck drivers know that one of the weak spots in their vehicle security is the tailgate handle lock. Often, factory handles don't have locks and those that do are easy to override. But you can rest easy knowing your Pop & Lock Tailgate Lock secures your truck bed entirely. It's is your first and last line of defense against would-be truck bed thieves. Install the Pop & Lock Power Tailgate Lock for increased power-lock convenience.

Your Pop & Lock is designed to fit into the open space underneath your truck's tailgate handle. It features a convenient raised lock that also gives it a clean, OEM appearance. The tailgate lock, two keys, mounting hardware, and easy-to-follow installation instructions are all included. The majority of the applications are composed of armored steel, which makes them nearly indestructible. In addition, the Pop & Lock is finished in black ABS plastic. There is no drilling required, and installation and wiring (for Power Locks) are fast and simple thanks to the included instructions. Your Pop & Lock can be installed and set up faster than you can say "not today, thieves!"

From the cab of your truck, locking and unlocking your tailgate is as simple as locking and opening your doors. The Power Tailgate Lock is permanently fixed inside your truck's tailgate and links to your truck's power door lock system through push-and-lock connectors. When you lock your doors, the tailgate automatically locks as well! With Pop & Lock Tailgate Lock, you can keep your tools, cargo and equipment secured with the best possible protection. A 1-Year Warranty is included.