PortablePET Pet Partition 3048

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  • The PortablePET Pet Partition gives your furry friend free rein in the back cargo area of your SUV without disturbing other passengers
  • Wire structure is see-through and reach-through; does not use plate glass or plastic
  • Separates your furry riders from human riders
  • 34"-60" adjustable width; 23"-45" adjustable height
  • No drilling is required for the free-standing wedge design
  • Totally portable, simple assembly and disassembly

These days, driving comes with plenty of distractions; from the navigation display to the music selection to your phone alerts, it can be impossible to focus on the road. Add an excited pet to the mix, and you've got a recipe for disaster! With a PortablePET Pet Partition, you can divide the rear storage area of your SUV and restore a little sanity to the interior of your vehicle.

Your PortablePET Pet Partition is both see-through and reach-through thanks to the wire space barrier which allows you to see and communicate with your pet without it bouncing around your passenger compartment. Your pet, as well as any equipment or luggage, will be kept separate from the rest of the vehicle in the back of your SUV. This pet divider is readily retrofitted to your particular spatial needs with an adjustable 34" to 60" width and 23" to 45" height, which accommodates most vehicle proportions. Its free-standing construction eliminates the need for drilling or other modifications to your interior, and it's simple to set up, break down and remove.

Now you don't have to worry about your dog getting the zoomies while you're zooming down the road. With the PortablePET Pet Partition and Dog Barrier, you can provide your pet the space it requires while also safeguarding the rest of your vehicle.