Pro Comp 1069 Series Alloy Wheels

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Product Details

  • Slap on Pro Comp 1069 Series Alloy Wheels for a classic eight-hold design, finished with a brilliant shine
  • These 1069 polished wheels are a perfect pairing for any dynamic pickup truck or SUV
  • Offered in 18-inch, 17-inch, 16-inch and 15-inch diameters
  • Cap provided
  • Backed by a Lifetime Warranty

The fabrication is made to last, while the luminous design is made to impress. Get your first set of polished rims or upgrade your outdated rims with the Pro Comp 1069 Series Alloy Wheels.

These alloy wheels are built for more than just looks. They're guaranteed to improve the overall performance and handling of your cherished ride. These 1069 rims utilize low-pressure casting and computer-aided technology to produce strong, lightweight aluminum wheels, with just the right fit.

Available in sizes ranging from 15 to 18 inches in diameter. For lifted or lowered vehicles, consult the manufacturer for the correct wheel size. Our product experts recommend using a fresh set of lug nuts when installing your new tires. NAPA AUTO PARTS is proud to offer the Pro Comp 1069 Series Alloy Wheels with a Lifetime Warranty.