ProRYDE Duck Head Torsion Key Leveling Kit

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Product Details

  • Get the lift you need on the front of your pickup truck or deluxe SUV with zero recalibration utilizing ProRYDE Duck Head Torsion Key Leveling Kit
  • Gain more clearance, restore worn-out drooping torsion bar suspensions, and improve the sturdiness of your factory-installed system
  • Increased elevation is ideal for powerful exterior accessories like snowplows and winches
  • Raise the front of your Hummer, Silverado, Yukon or Escalade by up to 3 inches
  • Keep your OE shocks to continue enjoying the control and quality drive you love
  • Aligns with tire/wheel setups of up to 33 inches (37 inches on your H2)
  • State-of-the-art lugs and bolts are built tough for long-term use
  • Finished with a protective anti-rust powder coating
  • Backed by a Lifetime Warranty

Refresh your sagging suspension and restore your smooth-running ride, while also upgrading to a tough new stance, with the ProRYDE Duck Head Torsion Key Leveling Kit. Gain up to 3 inches of height in the front of your pickup or SUV without overhauling your system with recalibration and replacement parts.

Take advantage of Duck Head’s advanced torsion key technology, which produces elevated lift without overloading the torsion bar. Keep your factory-installed OE shocks to continue relying on the ride quality you trust and enjoy. This Torsion Key Leveling Kit is finished in a corrosion-fighting, robust powder coat.

NAPA is proud to offer the ProRYDE Duck Head Torsion Key Leveling Kit with a Lifetime Warranty.