Prothane Body Mounts

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Product Details

  • Take advantage of a budget-friendly way to get the advanced performance and pleasant drive you desire with Prothane Body Mounts
  • A perfect replacement for your softened factory-installed bushings that are nearing the end of their usefulness
  • Engineered for the precise firmness your vehicle needs, with just enough flexibility for a smooth, silent journey
  • Perfect addition for commuter cars or off-road warriors

Get the upgraded performance you’ve been searching for with Prothane Body Mounts. Swap out those squishy, ancient body mount bushings for aftermarket polyurethane components, without breaking the bank.

Your Prothane Mounts are guaranteed to withstand the test of time, and harsh road and off-road conditions, better than your factory-installed body mounts. Take advantage of the combination of rigidness, which provides optimal control, and flexibility, which gives you comfort on a long drive.