Prothane Transmission Mount Kits

2052 M
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Product Details

  • Replace your aging rubber transmission mounts with Prothane Transmission Mount Kits for extended usability
  • Trust resilient Polyurethane for a lifetime of durability in all environments
  • The Poly-Locked "run-safe" interlocking design prevents catastrophic mount breakdowns

The original rubber transmission mounts that came preinstalled on your vehicle were never meant to withstand extensive damage in extreme environments. So if you've noticed your drivetrain is a little loose and clumsy, you can be almost certain it's thanks to those funky old mounts. Prothane Transmission Mounts are made to reduce breakage and manage torque. Where applicable, they include the Poly-Locked "run-safe" interlocking mechanism, ensuring that you won't ever be left stranded as you may be with a damaged stock mount.