Putco F1 LED Headlight Kit

6539 CM
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Product Details

  • Keep the road of life illuminated with Putco F1 LED Headlight Kit
  • Works with fog lamps, low beams, and high beams
  • Advanced COB LED is engineered with the latest thermal solution
  • Smart LED bulb features a unique flexible heat sink
  • Enjoy a brilliant 1500 lumens per bulb
  • Water resistance of IP65
  • Installation is fast and simple
  • Comes with a 1-Year Warranty

It's always a little scary when you're driving on a well-lit road at night and you suddenly wonder, "Are my headlights even on?" Sometimes it can be almost impossible to determine the difference between the rest of the city lights. It’s easy to see on a dark county road, but if you find yourself wondering if your headlights are working when you're navigating an urban street, then they’re not as bright as they should be, and that's a safety hazard. Bring some much-needed illumination to the path ahead with the Putco F1 LED Headlight Kit.

Your Putco F1 LED Headlight Kit utilizes some of the most recent advances in industry technology. They include an intelligent LED bulb with a patented, flexible heat sink that allows heat to escape safely. A newly-formulated thermal solution and the miniaturized driver come standard with each COB LED, and you can enjoy the dazzling brilliance of an impressive 1500 lumens.

Thanks to a solid-state design and a water resistance rating of IP65, all of the common failure points of a headlight bulb have been drastically reduced. Best of all, these headlight kits are straightforward and easy to install. Your new headlight kit includes everything you need for a full OE replacement. This kit is available for your high beams, low beams, or fog lamps. Backed by a 1-Year Warranty.