Race Ramps FlatStoppers

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Product Details

  • If you need to leave a vehicle for more than 30 days, prevent flat spots on the tires with FlatStoppers from Race Ramps
  • Concave design of the FlatStoppers support more of the tire's surface ensuring even weight distribution
  • Super sturdy construction is lightweight, easy-to-move and is extremely durable
  • Vehicle weight capability of 6,000 pounds
  • Even on epoxy-coating and RaceDeck flooring, the rough textured coating on your Race Ramps FlatStoppers prevents sliding
  • Does not scratch or damage floors
  • Dimensions: 22.3"L by 14"W by 3.4"H
  • Fits tires up to 12" wide with diameters of 25" to 30"
  • Race Ramps Wheel Chocks are recommended for added safety
  • Sold as a set of four

Nearly every car owner has to do it sooner or later: park your car for an extended period of time. You may think a car cover and some fuel additives are enough to keep problems from arising. But nothing is worse than coming back to your parked ride to find flat spots on your tires. With your new Race Ramps FlatStoppers, you can confidently leave your baby knowing you won't come back to four flats.

FlatStoppers feature a concave curvature that cradles your tires, effectively distributing your vehicle's weight, eliminating flat spots. Flat Stoppers, like the rest of the Race Ramps range, are made using a unique, patented construction technology. The expanded high-density foam material makes them exceedingly tough and almost unbreakable, having a 6,000-pound vehicle weight capacity. Despite their strength, Race Ramps FlatStoppers are exceptionally lightweight and easy to handle and store. Even on smooth epoxy-coated floors, the textured covering prevents slipping, and the specialized material won't scratch your garage flooring.

Best of all, your Race Ramps FlatStoppers will never rust or conduct heat or cold as temperatures change. If you're storing your car for more than 30 days, use Race Ramps FlatStoppers to prevent flat spots. These ramps are sold as sets of four for total coverage. Consider adding Race Ramps Wheel Chocks as they are recommended for maximum security and safety.

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