Race Ramps Trak-Jax

3985 C Univ.
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Product Details

  • Race Ramps Trak-Jax lift your sporty vehicle just enough to allow clearance for a typical floor jack
  • At only 30.1-inches long, these ramps fit in the tiny trunks some sports cars offer
  • Each ramp can support a sports car, and yet weighs less than 5 lbs.
  • Crafted from extraordinary durable and lightweight material that does not corrode or transfer heat
  • Surface texture ensures a solid grip on any surface without damaging your garage floor
  • Comes with an optional 1.5-inch stop
  • For additional safety, be sure to use with Race Ramps' Wheel Chocks

The story of Race Ramps Trak-Jax started with an Autocross enthusiast who ran into a big problem: when it came time to boost his sporty car, it was too low for a conventional jack to fit underneath it without damage. It seemed foolish to purchase a low-profile jack only to use it on race days at the track. His solution was elegant and brilliant: a set of compact and durable ramps that raise a low-slung vehicle just enough for a normal jack to fit underneath it; Race Ramps Track-Jax were born!

Your Race Ramps Trak-Jax are low-profile and lightweight, making them extremely portable. Measuring just over 30 inches long, they fit in even the tiniest sports car trunks - even the ones in the extra small C5 and C6 Corvettes. The durable and lightweight proprietary material makes them truly unique. Despite the fact that each Trak Jax car ramp is only 5 pounds, they can sustain the weight of your vehicle without buckling, snapping, bending or shattering. This material is also corrosion resistant and does not conduct heat or cold. The Trak-Jax textured surface is slip-resistant, ensuring it won't budge or damage your garage flooring.

Don't break the bank buying a new jack just because your sporty car rides a little lower than the rest. Race Ramps Trak-Jax will easily raise your car enough to use a conventional jack. Sold as sets of two. Race Ramps Wheel Chocks are recommended for optimal safety.