Reese Pintle Hook and Ball

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Product Details

  • A Reese Pintle Hook and Ball helps you customize the perfect combo of Pintle hooks, mounting gear and replacement balls so you can tow with confidence
  • Strong, long-lasting, and simple to use
  • Pick one of the following:
    • Lunette Eye: has a 42,000 pounds towing capacity and a 2-1/2-inch diameter steel hole that measures 4 inches across. It bolts to mounting plates (mounting hardware sold separately)
    • 8-Ton Pintle Ball & Hook Combinations: 1-7/8-inch, 2-inch, and 2-5/16-inch balls with a 16,000 pound hook GTW; all required mounting gear is supplied.
    • Pintle Replacement Balls: replacement trailer balls with capacities of 6,000, 10,000, and 14,000 pounds for the above-listed sizes, for 1-1/4-inch shank diameters and 2-1/4-inch shank lengths.
    • Pintle Hook Mounting Plates: 2-inch x 2-inch receiver compatible; shank lengths of 7-3/4-inch and 5/5-inch x 7-1/2-inch plate size
  • All tools can be installed quickly and easily using the provided screws, bolts, and washers or a clip-and-rod attachment
  • Beautifully finished Black Metal Shield accented with a Chrome trailer ball
  • Comes with a 1-Year Warranty

There is a huge variety of towing equipment options, but when it comes to boosting your towing capacity for reliable heavy-duty towing requirements, installing a Pintle hitch is the safest way to go. With the easily-installed Reese Pintle Hook and Ball, everything you need for a fully-functional Pintle system is at your disposal.

No matter what kind of equipment you prefer to tow with, your Reese Pintle Hook and Ball system gives you options. You can purchase a standard Pintle hook and ball combo that bolts to your vehicle using the mounting plate, as well as a Lunette Eye that also uses the mounting plate. The standard Pintle hook and ball offer up to 8 tons of towing capacity, but when placed correctly, the Lunette Eye adds a stunning 42,000 pounds of towing strength. To accommodate your Pintle system, replacement trailer balls come in one of three sizes. The balls are chrome-plated, while the remainder of the component is finished with corrosion-resistant Reese's Metal Shield black coating.

Towing is tricky business, but a Pintle system is the ideal option for hauling capacity on large, heavy loads. The Reese Pintle Hook and Ball is the gold standard for premium quality, extra-strength components that won't let you down. Your purchase comes with a 1-Year Warranty.